Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Nightmare

Hiding in the closet
Among the underwear,
He waited ‘till the sun went down
And still, he waited there.

Time for bed. Time for sleep.
The boy he climbed the stairs.
And now he’s done brushing teeth-
To the bed that tossles hair.

Hiding in the closet
He heard him climb in bed.
He knew that soon,very soon
He’d fly inside his head.

The boy he slipped quietly
Into the land of dreams.
As tired as a boy could be,
He slept – or, so it seemed.

Moving from the closet
He swam across the room.
A sailor dive; the boy’s ear
The Nightmare disappeared.

The boy was riding dinosaurs
Across a velvet lake.
Entranced in Dreamland’s snuggle
A thousand years from ‘wake.

He flew across the sky
Of the boy’s created dreams.
He became the dinosaur
To scare at any means.

The boy he felt the evil
Consume the dinosaur.
He dove into the clouds
Tumbling more and more.

He chased him ‘ore the clouds
The boy he’s looking back.
Running from the Nightmare
Attack. Attack. Attack.

The boy remembered love.
His mother’s warm embrace.
His father’s words of confidence
Brought a smile to his face.

The Nightmare felt the love
It’s filling up the boy!
It’s draining all his power
His weakness now employed.

The boy he slowed to turn
To face the ‘ole Nightmare,
Armed with love’s confidence
Soon he’d lay him bare.

The Nightmare tripped and tumbled
Kicking up the clouds.
Fear -he could barely mumble
The boy he laughed out loud.
The boy he kept on giggling
As the Nightmare blew away-
Thoughts of love, of Mom and Dad
Were here to save the day!

The boy he felt a hand
Brushing back his hair
He looked up waking, smiling
Into his mother’s stare.

“We heard you laughing loudly son.”
“Is everything all right?”
Dad was in the doorway.
Confidence in the light.

“Did you have a nightmare son?”
Dad – he kindly asked.
“I’m ok, mom and dad.”
And again began to laugh.

“Back to sleep- silly little man.”
Then mom she kissed his cheek.
“Sweet dreams,” said dad smiling.
And the boy fell back to sleep.


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